Tuesday, November 13

Koby & Irma plus One

So have any of you seen that show on TLC called Jon & Kate plus Eight? It is amazing! This couple has a set of 6 year old twin girls plus 3 year old sextuplets! EIGHT KIDS!!!! I can't even imagine what their lives were like when the sextuplets were infants. I'm sure it was chaotic beyond belief (as if it isn't right now). Anyway, whenever I feel like complaining about how crazy and complicated my life is now as a mother of a two month old, I try to remind myself that I have it pretty easy and my respect for mothers of multiples soars to an even higher level.

Speaking of my two month old, Olivia has made me so proud this week...

Yesterday, she took a bottle for the very first time (she even took it from me)! I was really nervous about trying one out for some reason and lots of people told (or warned) me that she might reject a bottle from me because she wants the "real thing". But, she did just fine and took a nice nap on her Daddy's chest afterward. We'll see how she does again today.

Last night she was a little bit fussy when I put her to bed so I was worried that she was going to wake up a lot during the night and I was particularly tired last night. Well, it was the complete opposite. I laid her in her bassinet at 10pm and the little angel didn't wake up until 4am to eat. AWESOME! Six whole hours of non-stop zzzz's for me! It gets better...after I fed her and changed her diaper she went back to sleep until 8am.

Today, for some strange reason (maybe the good night's rest) I decided to go to the grocery store with Olivia. No, I haven't been to the grocery store by myself with her since she was born. I've been to lots of other stores, but most of them have dressing rooms where I can feed her and I'm not having to shop for perishable goods. Anyway, she didn't make a peep the whole time I was there. It was a great trip all around. The store wasn't crowded, the shelves were fully stocked and Olivia snoozed the whole time.

Gold stars and smiley faces for this week!!!


Josh said...

Erin here:

Yes, things *do* get easier, though it doesn't seem like it those first few weeks.=) But I still marvel at a trip to the grocery store where no one has a meltdown.=) I'm glad things are going well.

Jenny said...

Thanks for that "shout out"... I can't imagine more that two at one time though. God only gave us two arms! Yikes!

It definately gets easier and it sounds like you're already becoming a pro at this mommy thing. One step at a time :) I still avoid grocery stores if I can. Bribery works great.

BTW, you have an adorable, precious, beautiful baby girl. Savor every moment... it goes by so fast.

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Great job with the bottle. Caroline took bottles pretty well at the beginning and then I stopped giving her bottles, so later she rejected them. No biggie though.

I remember feeling so much better once I only had to wake up once in the middle of the night. Hopefully it continues for you.

I've never really had to nurse Caroline while I was shopping b/c I always went shopping right after I fed her. She always did great. I have nursed her in the parked car a bit though on car trips... luckily we have tinted windows.

Oh, Melissa had a girl yesterday : )

Tiffany said...

Love the picture with her tongue sticking out...so cute!

mad4books said...

GREAT picture!

Aaron said...

That picture of Olivia is adorable beyond hope. :D

You'll need to bring her to the office after the break so she can see the new furniture they're setting up as we speak.