Tuesday, September 16

Happy Birthday Olivia!!

Today is sweet Olivia's 1 Year Birthday! We are so very proud of her that I could type all day and all night long and not even begin to describe it. She has filled our lives with such joy, laughter, pride and love. Olivia, we love you so!

Tuesday, September 9

Catching our breath!

Again, long time no blog. It seems like August was just a blur for me with the chaos of my first turn at the duplexes. But, we all survived with only a few bumps and bruises! Now that everybody has moved in I finally feel like I have some time to relax and just be. It has been incredibly nice not to have to answer my phone non-stop all day and coordinate the flooring people with the cleaning people with the painter guys with the maintenance people...you get the idea.

So, I'm at a point where I feel like so many things have happened (like my 10 year high school reunion, our 8 year wedding anniversary) that I don't really know where to start so I think I'm just going to post some pictures and call it a night!

Just a picture of Livi being cute in her Sunday outfit.

This is our entry way table and Olivia really likes to climb up and dig through my purse/diaper bag. She automatically goes straight to my wallet and out of all the cards I carry she always pulls out my debit/check card, my emergency credit card and my Victoria's Secret card. What can I say, the girl already knows about the essentials of life!

I used to just keep Olivia's bows in a little box in her dresser but lately I've been getting annoyed with having to dig them out so I decided to try my hand at being crafty and made her a little bow holder. I chose black and red gingham because it matched her bedding. And of course the "O" is for "Olivia"!

Today Olivia got her first haircut! I probably could have done it myself but I was too scared to completely mess up so little miss thing went to the salon. It was so cute, the hair dresser was able to put her hair in a little ponytail and then cut it for us to keep!

Before (back)

After (back)

Feeling like a big girl in the chair...

Not so sure about the cape and the stranger taking our picture...

All done! What do ya think? :)