Wednesday, October 15

Thanks a mil, MIL!

After a nice, relaxing weekend I'm settling back down into the "real world". You see, for the last 5 days I have had the luxury of having my mother-in-law (MIL) in town. Olivia was a little shy at first but after a couple of hours she was lOvInG the new person (read: extra attention) in the house. We all had a great weekend and Koby and I got to go out by ourselves on Sunday night. We just went to Jason's Deli, nothing fancy but it has become a place that we don't like to go to with Olivia. She eats well there, it's just so up-and-down that we're exhausted by the end of the meal! Anyway, we enjoyed the fact that we picked a booth, sat our drinks down and were both able to go get our salads at the same time! :)

So, thanks Glenda for the yummy cooking, the good conversations, the home decor suggestions, the diaper changes, the story time, the laundry folding...we all enjoyed the visit!!

Wednesday, October 8

Once again...

...I have slacked off at blogging and feel overwhelmed that there is so much to say but I don't know where to start.

We had a small birthday party for Olivia at one of our favorite places, J.Cody's and some of our good friends came out to help us celebrate. We had originally planned on having it the weekend right after her birthday but then hurricane ike came through and we cancelled it. Neither set of our parents were able to come to the re-scheduled party but we got to visit with my parents last weekend and then Koby's parents are coming this weekend. Olivia had a blast at the party and didn't cry (barely fussed) the entire time. Our multi-talented and super sweet friend Angela, made the cakes for the party. She decorated to coordinate with the invitation that I had sent out (to the party that was cancelled). Anyway, it was all so special to have friends around...especially since our family is so far away.

birthday cake, goodie bags and invitation

Olivia's personal size cake

I love her reaction here...we had just finished singing Happy Birthday to her and she wasn't sure how to react to all the attention!

What was left of above mentioned cake.

happy girl opening some gifts

We took her in for her 1 year well check and everything looks good. She is walking up a storm, has 6 1/2 teeth (one is only half way in) and is on her way to being a weaned baby (YES!). She weighed in at 21lbs 7 oz (50-75th percentile) and 31inches tall (95th percentile). Getting taller and thinning out...who would have guessed?

Thank you Jesus for our precious baby! Until next time!

(don't hold your breath, no, really...)