Friday, June 29

I've been tagged!

First memory - I remember sitting on the steps of the hospital in Abilene when my grandma died. My dad was crying and I remember feeling scared. I think I was about 4.

First real kiss - Daniel Lopez in 8th grade, outside of the choir hall, right before gym class! I was so freaked out!

First love - I guess Daniel was, at least it felt like love at the time. We "dated" for 2 years.

First thing you think in the morning - What is today? Do I really have to get up so early?

First question you'll ask in heaven - How the heck did I get here!? Just kidding! I really don't know what I would ask. I think I would say thank you first.

First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation - expensive

First best friend - Angela Pounds. We met in kindergarten and were inseparable for the next 6 years. I have no idea where she's at now.

Last time you dressed up -I don't really remember...but we are going to a wedding at the end of July so I'll dress up for that. Plus it will be mine and Koby's 7 year anniversary so I'll want to wear something extra nice!

Last thing you ate -cinnamon toast

Last CD you bought - Gwen Stefani's second album.

Last good book you read - What to Expect When You're Expecting. It's not so much a story book, in my opinion, but a guide. Oh and I read a book called Belly Laughs by none other than Jenny McCarthy. It was pretty funny.

Last time you cried - A couple of times this week. I'm about ready to kick these hormones to the curb.

Last time you told someone you loved them -this morning I told Koby and my puppy dogs!

Last really funny thing you did - I don't know if this is funny or just stupid, but here's the story. I work in a college at TAMU and our dean has a...well, pot-belly. I hadn't seen him in a while (he's been traveling) and so about a week ago we ran into each other in the main office. He politely commented about how much my belly had grown since last time he'd seen me and so I (without thinking) replied back with this, "Yes sir! I'm almost catching up with you!!" Of course I had a big smile on my face and lets face it, who can get mad a pregnant lady, but he kind of laughed and then went on with his business. Anyway, not only was the comment inappropriate to say to my top-boss but come to find out he 1) has somewhat of a complex about his weight and 2) has actually been on a diet for a few months and has been losing weight.
So, funny... a little bit. Stupid... a lot a bit!!

Last thing you watched on TV -The Early Show while I was getting ready this morning.

I tag...Irene, Rachel and Angela!!

What I'm ExCiTeD about...
It's FRIDAY! What more can I say!

Thursday, June 28

28 Weeks!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and all went well. The results came in for my gestational diabetes test and I was negative. I wasn't really too worried about it, but I was still glad when he said that everything was fine. I am still slightly anemic (even though I'm taking an iron supplement) but my iron count hasn't gotten any lower either so he said not to worry about it. I'm also measuring right on target and he (the doctor) didn't gripe about my weight.

I've never had to "manage" my weight before so this is something that I've had to get used to. Well, now that I think about it I did try to stay under a certain weight in college one semester while I was in a strength training class but that was only to avoid having to lift heavier weights for the test! Anyway, where was I? Oh, I'm blessed with a good metabolism (thanks mom and dad) and since I'm tall there are lots of places for my weight to spread out. Having said all this, I am a bit concerned that I've already gained about 30 lbs and the baby is just now starting to put on all of her weight!! Everybody keeps saying not to worry about it and that I'll "bounce" back to my old self after the baby. I just love that word...bounce...makes it sound so easy! But alas, Koby always eases my worries. He's been a constant encouragement and reminds me that as long as I, and the baby are healthy that it doesn't matter what the scale says. He says I'm more beautiful than I've ever been and I love when I catch him staring at my belly! I really need to be more disciplined when it comes to walking and eating right though. It's just so much easier to come home after work and lounge around. Who wants to get out and get all sweaty anyway?

I decided that I'm going to add a little "what I'm excited about" section to the end of my blogs. I tend to get caught up worrying about the little things so maybe this will help me focus on the positive things too.

What I'm ExCiTeD about...
My friend JJ from Dallas is coming to visit me tomorrow. I haven't seen her since her b-day in mid-December so I know we will have fun catching up and we are going to do some shopping!! I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 26


Today I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed. I keep thinking about all the things that I need to do, which leads me to think about all the things that I want to do. This can be frustrating because these two lists rarely seem to overlap for me! Plus I'm really sleepy today so a simple task that usually wouldn't seem overwhelming, well...seems overwhelming. But I did manage to think back at all the things we've done around the house since we moved over the Christmas holidays and I thought I'd share.

Here is the front of our house. We really haven't done much to the exterior except a few small landscaping touch ups. The bushes on the right side of the garage are gone and we now have a cute planter with pretty yellow flowers. The grass is also MUCH greener since it's now summer instead of winter (when the pic was taken) and we have had lots of rain lately.

This is what our bedroom used to look like.

This is what is looks like now. We still have the artwork above the bed...just hadn't put it up yet. :) Koby was exhausted after painting the ceiling in this room. Not only did it take two coats of Kilz (primer) plus two coats of white paint, but it is also vaulted so his arms, neck and shoulders were killing him. But it looks really nice now...what a man!!!
(By the way, now that I'm looking at the paint in this picture it looks pinkish peach. It's not. It is Rich Taupe to be exact.)

This same weekend we also painted the living room, dining area and entry way.

Living room before.

Entry way before.

Living room after.

Entry way after.

Last but not least here are our "happy face" pictures that we took. We did this project over the Memorial day weekend and it took us about 3 1/2 days. Exhausted barely begins to describe what we were. Anyway, I made Koby take my picture as proof that 1) I helped and 2) I wore a heavy duty mask to protect myself and the baby from the paint fumes!

Wednesday, June 20

Hurry up and wait!

One of the first things I did after we found out that I was pregnant was start shopping around for a crib. Some people made fun of me for already diving into that task, but I was so excited to find the perfect one and get it ordered. After web-shopping for about 2 or 3 weeks I finally found the one that I wanted and also found the cheapest way to buy it. offers a service called Site-to-Store shipping where you get your product delivered to the Wal-mart of your choice and then, you guessed it, pick it up yourself when it arrives. This is an awesome option (especially when ordering over sized items) because the shipping is absolutely free. So off I went. I ordered the crib (pictured below) and the matching dresser/changing table combo. Everything went as expected. I waited about 2 weeks and received an e-mail informing me that the dresser/changing table combo was in. YES!!! I was excited, but decided to wait until the crib came in that way Koby and I could just make one trip and pick up both items. Well, a couple of days later I got another e-mail from Wal-mart...only this one was bad news. The crib had been damaged in transit and got sent back to the distributor. What? Damaged? I was bummed, but not for long.

I thought, hey, this is an easy fix. I'll just wait for them to reimburse my account and then re-order the crib. Plus, I changed my mind about the finish on the crib. I originally ordered white, but decided that I wanted the cognac color instead. I took the opportunity to return the dresser/changing table combo and then started again from scratch.

At the beginning of June I placed a brand new order. Crib and dresser/changing table combo, both in cognac. YES!! My excitement once again returned. Again, I waited for an e-mail. Again, I get an e-mail. Again, the dresser/changing table is here! I decide to wait for the crib to come in for the same reason I waited last time. But then...wait for it...AGAIN, THE CRIB IS DAMAGED IN TRANSIT! C'mon, what's the problem? How can the same exact thing happen twice?

So this morning I called and explained to them my dilemma. They were apologetic and seemed to care about the situation. Of course that might have something to do with the fact that I told a little white lie and said that I was due in 6 weeks and really needed this crib ASAP. Either way they agreed to ship the crib again, only this time it is coming directly to the house instead of the store, plus they are going to waive the shipping fee. The waiting game begins again.

Anyway, this is what I'm frustrated about today. It's small in the big scheme of things, but one of my flaws is that I tend to be impatient so something like this really gets under my skin.

Monday, June 18

Baby stuff

I've got about 3 months to go until we get to meet baby Olivia in person, but I've been shopping for her nursery things for quite a while now. Some people have asked what my "theme" is and what the crib looks like so I thought I would post it on the blog.

Since I'm not so much a fan of the color pink, you can imagine the look on my face when the doctor said, "It's a girl!" The first thing I though of was how I dreaded having princesses and lace all over the place. (I know, I must be a tomboy at heart.) But then I realized that I'm going to be the mom and that I could choose what her nursery would look like. Imagine that!

So here it is. I love that the bedding is girly, without going overboard and I especially like the red. It's a six-piece set so it will automatically come with the diaper stacker, valance, and dust ruffle, as well as the fitted crib sheet, bumper pads and quilt.

The crib is what they call a stages crib which means that it converts from what you see here, to a toddler bed, and then to a full size bed with and headboard and foot board. Mine and Koby's bed is a sleigh bed so I loved this one and I think the drawer at the bottom will come in handy.

And here is the latest picture of me. I am almost 27 weeks now, which according to my pregnancy book, is the first week of the seventh month, which in turn is the beginning of the last trimester. I can't believe that I'm already at this stage. It really has gone by fast and I'm getting anxious to see the little being that has already changed my world forever!

Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day!!

Today was Koby's first (kind of) Father's Day. We didn't do anything too special. We got up and went to church this morning and then I promised Koby that we could go eat Chinese food for lunch. He loves Chinese food and I'm not so fond of it, even before I was pregnant. The only place I really like is this restaurant named Fuji's in Abilene. I like it so much that we have to eat there every time we go to Abilene! Anyway, we had a good lunch and then he went and played disc golf with his friend Jason.

I called my dad this morning to wish him a Happy Father's Day and really got sad that I couldn't be there to at least give him a big hug and a kiss. Over the years I've grown to really love the Bryan/College Station area and I definitely love our new house, but the one thing I hate is how far away mine and Koby's parents are. It's just not an easy (or cheap, these days) trip to make for a weekend.

This is my dad, Johnny.

This is my father-in-law, Shelby.

Friday, June 15

Oh Deer!

This week has been fairly uneventful, but there's one thing that has really been neat. I don't know what season it is (as in hunting) but for some reason there are LOTS of deer out in our neighborhood. For those of you that might not know, I am an avid animal lover. I love all kinds of animals and especially love to see them in their "natural" habitats. Anyway, so far I've seen a deer everyday this week, except for today. Monday, at about noon I saw one bounding across the road. It was a good distance in front of me where it was an enjoyable experience as opposed to tire screeching panic. Tuesday, Koby and I saw a mom and baby close to the creek. Wednesday I saw one roaming in a small pasture while I was on my walk. Thursday morning Koby let the dogs out like he normally does first thing in the morning and then Izzy began steady barking at something. She usually doesn't bark, just for the sake of barking, especially in the morning. So, Koby went outside to see what all the fuss was about. That's when he saw a deer standing maybe 10 feet on the other side of our fence. He, or she, was just standing there staring at us and we were just standing there staring at him. It was pretty neat especially since it would be a stretch to say that we live in the country where this might be a common occurrence. We tried to take some pictures of him but didn't get very good ones.

Friday, June 8

Check, Check, Check

Ahhh, so this is what the blogging world is like. I've decided to start a blog of my own instead of just spying on everybody elses! :)

I don't really have much to say right now, I guess I'm feeling a little bit shy. So I'll just post something a little bit later.

Thanks for reading!