Monday, June 18

Baby stuff

I've got about 3 months to go until we get to meet baby Olivia in person, but I've been shopping for her nursery things for quite a while now. Some people have asked what my "theme" is and what the crib looks like so I thought I would post it on the blog.

Since I'm not so much a fan of the color pink, you can imagine the look on my face when the doctor said, "It's a girl!" The first thing I though of was how I dreaded having princesses and lace all over the place. (I know, I must be a tomboy at heart.) But then I realized that I'm going to be the mom and that I could choose what her nursery would look like. Imagine that!

So here it is. I love that the bedding is girly, without going overboard and I especially like the red. It's a six-piece set so it will automatically come with the diaper stacker, valance, and dust ruffle, as well as the fitted crib sheet, bumper pads and quilt.

The crib is what they call a stages crib which means that it converts from what you see here, to a toddler bed, and then to a full size bed with and headboard and foot board. Mine and Koby's bed is a sleigh bed so I loved this one and I think the drawer at the bottom will come in handy.

And here is the latest picture of me. I am almost 27 weeks now, which according to my pregnancy book, is the first week of the seventh month, which in turn is the beginning of the last trimester. I can't believe that I'm already at this stage. It really has gone by fast and I'm getting anxious to see the little being that has already changed my world forever!


Robinson Family said...

Thanks for the nursery "preview". I love your taste, and can totally relate to the "Uh-oh, I don't like pink" feeling when I found out we were having a girl (with Norah). The funny thing is, even though we did her room in bright colors, I've really learned to like dressing her in pink from time to time...but blue's still my favorite!

Tiffany said...

I love the bedding...y'all did a great job picking everything out! You look great!

erin said...

I found your blog from Angela's and will check regularly, so don't forget to update.=) Bonnie's room is red and apple green, though we started out with pink. The pink was just too much. But luckily I'm not scared to ask my husband to paint a baby's room twice.=)

mad4books said...

PRETTY! (You *and* Olivia's room...)

cathie/daniel orozco said...

i love the color scheme. it is some of the same colors that alison/justin used. google casey's cabin bedding and that is what they used. same brick red and olive. so exciting to have all of these girls arriving. thanks for the update. i enjoy reading. love you.

mad4books said...

Alison and Justin from my church in Abilene? What a small world...and what a big baby! (9 lbs. and 6 oz.!)

Libby Faulkner said...

Irma and Koby,
I love the name you have given your little girl! And the bedding you picked is so adorable. I wish we could see you guys before you have her! Irma, you look amazing, as usual. :)

Hope to see you soon!