Sunday, July 29

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

Today we celebrated 7 years of marriage!! The years have literally flown by and we have had such wonderful blessings come our way, especially within the past year. This might be a little bit cheesy but I decided to list 7 things that I love about Koby.

1. I love how Koby can fix just about anything. It doesn't matter if its his Jeep, the toilet, outdoor sensor lights or my curling iron. He doesn't shy away from anything and will always devote at least a couple of hours before even entertaining the thought that outside help might be needed!

2. He is just as much as an animal lover as I am. Plus, he's taught me to appreciate bugs and insects and I think it's super cute that he'll spend 10 minutes trying to "catch and rescue" a spider instead of killing it!

3. He'll watch "What Not to Wear" on TLC with me!

4. He is respectful towards my parents and family. This is something that I didn't realize was so important until I actually saw it happening. Anybody that is married and has in-laws knows that every family operates differently and just because you marry into that family doesn't mean you will agree with or easily adjust to their ways.
To put is simply, he loves my family, my family loves him and that makes me very happy.

5. He is a VERY hard worker and a VERY dependable person.

6. He doesn't hesitate to do things like laundry, dishes, cooking or cleaning. And the best part is that he really does a good job!

7. Last, but definitely not least...he is tall, dark and handsome! How could I resist?!

Thursday, July 26

The Picture Post

I've got lots of pictures that I wanted to share so I'm just going to throw them all in one post. There's been so much going on you know if you've been following the blog. Enjoy and thanks for the responses on the yesterday's post. I love that I have other mommies to learn from! You gals are the best!
Koby assembled the crib not too long ago. I really like it and I'm so glad all the drama is over with. It didn't take him very long...especially since he had help from the dogs! Klowie was so curious that I decided to use her to "practice" putting a baby in the crib. She wasn't very happy about this.
These gifts are from the baby shower that my co-workers organized. It was very nice and I got all kinds of neat things. I can't believe how many things you need to take care of a little baby! Koby also put the matching dresser/changer together when it came in. This piece gave him a few more headaches, but he still finished it in a couple of hours. I'm anxious to get everything organized and put up where it belongs (which is the tough part because I have to figure out where exactly that will be).

A couple of Sunday's ago the church had a "Farewell to the Campbell's" reception after evening services. It was a great success and lots of people and kids came to the parlor for snacks and one "last" time to bid Irene, Philip and the kids farewell. Rosemary enjoyed playing with a cute little girl named Shelby while James did a great job being the photographer and John felt that it was his responsibility to "monitor" the cookie tray! Irene said that he was wired for hours that night...there's no telling how many cookies he ate!

And finally these pics are of the shower that Koby's work set up for us.
It was really nice that the people he works with (mainly guys)
were willing to join forces and throw us a baby shower! We had a great time and got some wonderful gifts. And the really nice part is that Koby volunteered to write the thank-you notes! How did I get so lucky?!

What I'm ExCiTeD about...
This is a little cheesy but I'm excited that I will be going to a wedding on Saturday and that means...WEDDING CAKE!! Yes, that makes me very excited and we are going to go to a Babies R' Us store. I've been online a million times but I want to visit one in person! :)

Wednesday, July 25

Update and some more advice please...

Irene hasn't had a chance to update her blog so I thought I'd let everybody know what was going on in Delaware (as far as I know).

Everybody made it back to their destinations in one piece. Irene, mom and the kids had a good flight without any major drama. Mom will be in Delaware until Saturday to help Irene and Philip get their new place set up. Yesterday Irene said that James asked her how many days they were going to be staying in the new place. Irene told him that it was their new home and that they would be there for quite a while...she then asked him why he was wondering. He responded with, "Well, I really like College Station." So, I guess reality hits us all at different times. Hopefully all three kids will adjust with as little confusion as possible.

Koby finally made it home close to midnight on Monday. He had delays both in Philadelphia and Atlanta and then had to drive back home from the airport in Houston. He was absolutely exhausted yesterday.

Now for the advice part...I had such a great response from everybody in the past so I thought I'd try my luck one more time!

I have questions/concerns/issues about the following things. If you have time I would really like to hear your take on them.

Pediatricians (for those in B/CS with Scott & White insurance)- I would like to know who you feel is best and/or if you've heard negative things about any particular doctor.

Crib Mattresses- I've seen them range anywhere between $50-200. Should I go with a happy medium or is there something special about the expensive ones that is important?

Gliders/Ottomans- I've heard lots of moms say that these are just about as essential as diapers and wipes...but they are really expensive. Do you recommend a particular brand/style that is both economical and a quality product? We don't even have a recliner or rocking chair so we will end up needing to buy something.

Nursing Bras- I will be returning to work and pumping so I'd like to have a couple bras that, how should I put it...give the new girls a nice shape under my work clothes. I know I've seen nursing bras at Motherhood, Let's Go Dreaming, Sears and JC Penny's but I'm not sure which are good quality.

I guess that's about it for now. Oh, in case you would like to know, I had my 32 week checkup yesterday and everything is looking normal and progressing nicely. No red flags of any kind! :)

What I'm ExCiTeD about...
Koby's co-workers have organized a shower for us at lunch today. He works with lots of guys and I think it's sweet that they cared enough to organize something. We'll have hamburgers, drinks and cake! Sounds great to me! :)

Monday, July 23

The time has come!

No, not that time.

It's 3:30am and Irene, my mom and the kids just left my house to head to the airport in Houston. I've been anticipating this exact moment for quite some time. I've wondered how I was going to feel, what I was going to say, how they were going to react. When Irene told me that their flight was at 7am I was a little bit sad. I guess I thought we would do a big to-do and, for example, if their flight left at 3pm we would spend the whole day laughing and playing and eating...enjoying the final few hours in College Station together. Maybe I'm being dramatic (which I think I might be allowed since it's 3:30am and I'm pregnant) but that's just how I envisioned it. But for some reason I think this way worked out better.

I am sad. I have fears. I have regrets. I have an empty house (except for the dogs) that was once scattered with toys, videos, luggage and most importantly, little, cozy, sleeping bodies.

At the same time I have excitement. I have hope. I have peace. I have joy that John is going to have a new opportunity to help battle his autism. He is a beautiful boy with a sweet heart and he deserves a shot at this new school.

I'm off to go climb in bed and hopefully catch some zzzzz's. I have to go into work tomorrow and try to keep myself composed...yeah, that ought to be interesting. So, goodnight, or good morning...

What I'm ExCiTeD about...
Koby comes home today!! He left on Friday to help Philip make the drive to Delaware and I really miss him.

Tuesday, July 17

New Additions

I'd like for you to meet Roc...aka cousin Roc, Rock-o, Rockefello, or rat dog.

He is Irene and Philip's dog that will soon be joining the Weatherford household. The place that
they found to live in Delaware doesn't allow them to have any pets (and apparently the crazy landlord is apprehensive about children too...ha, the nerve of those yankees!!!) so he will be staying with us until we find him a place to stay. Yeah, right. The reality of this situation is that ever since they decided to make the move and knew they wouldn't be able to take him, Koby and I wanted to keep him. Actually, it's more like we didn't want him to go to some strange people's house and be scared and never be able to see him again. But, we held off until the very end and told Irene and Philip on Sunday that we would gladly take him in. Of course we requested monthly "child support" because he is obviously going to eat us out of house and home! :)

I'm not crazy about having 3 dogs now but I do know that he is great with babies/kids, he can go the whole day without having to be let out, and he really is a sweet dog.

*side note* I woke up at about 12:30 last night and baby Olivia had a bad case of the hiccups. It was so sad!! Maybe I'm a wuss, but I hate the hiccups so I felt terrible that I couldn't do anything about it. I did drink some water which I don't really think made a difference. I told Koby this morning and he jokingly asked, "Did you hold your breath?". He's so funny!

Thursday, July 12

Baby Got Back!!!

Irene took the kids to the splash pad by my house yesterday so I stopped on my way home from work and took some pictures. Rosemary looked precious in her swimsuit and was more than happy to model for us...these pictures are just too cute so I just had to share!

I also got some good ones of James and John. I'm really going to miss all three of them so much! They grow up so fast and I can only imagine how much they are going to change and mature when I only get to see them a couple times a year!

Wednesday, July 11

Falling Behind

Geeeez, I thought I would be a lot better at keeping up with this blog than I have been lately but I guess I'll just have to put more effort into it. Come to think of it, I shouldn't be that disappointed. I've always had a hard time with things like journals and diaries, which is essentially what a blog is. Anyway...

Since the last time I posted there's been a few things (read: a lot) going on. Last Tuesday I had my second ultrasound. The main purpose of this was to follow up on the position of my placenta. It was a little bit low the first time around so the doctor (and me) wanted to see how it had shifted. It turned out to be normal and it is high enough where it shouldn't be in the way when Olivia decides to make her voyage. Oh, and Olivia is still a she so BRING ON THE GIRLIE STUFF!!!!
Then there was the 4th of July. We got up really early that morning and drove to Kountze, TX (about a 3 hour drive). It's by Beaumont in east Texas if you've never heard of it. Every year, Koby's mom's side of the family holds a HUGE family reunion...the McDonald Family Reunion. We had fun and got to catch up with some of his cousins, aunts and uncles and Koby's grandmother. I love her! She is everything a grandmother should be and at 81 years old she doesn't miss a beat! I managed to take my camera, but it stayed in my bag and I never took any pictures! I am notorious for doing that. Maybe we'll get some from Glenda (my other mom) and I'll post them later.

July 5th was my cutie pie's b-day (Rosemary). She turned 2 and we went to eat at Mi Cocina. We didn't do anything big for her that day because my parents were going to be arriving the next day and so were some friends of Irene and Philip.

On Friday, Koby worked really hard and started painting the nursery. As you probably guessed I didn't want to go with a flashy color...nothing bold at all whatsoever. I've come to realize that I tire of things like decor fairly quickly and I know if I were to go with yellow or some other color that I'd want it repainted in 6 months. Which I also know if I asked Koby to re-do the paint that soon the answer would be something along the lines of, "Woman! Have you lost your mind?" Plus, we ended up having TONS (tons=7 gallons) of paint left over from the other rooms we painted over memorial day so I could not justify buying more paint when we had about $150 worth of paint sitting in our garage. (We tried to return it but they don't let you return colored paint and we listed it on Craig's list, but had no takers) So to give it slightly different hue, Koby mixed half a can of colored paint with half a can of white paint. I think it turned really nice!

On Saturday we had family time. We "celebrated" Rosemary's b-day at Freebirds for lunch and then planned to meet at the Campbell's house that evening for cake and presents. Of course I didn't get any pics of the cake or presents because I forgot my camera. But, I had a good excuse...keep reading and you be the judge.

This is our baby...Isabella and she L-O-V-E-S to go play disc golf with Koby. She always does really good and stays close. But not this time. Koby took her and Klowie to the park on Saturday afternoon and she must have gotten tangled up in some barbed wire (Austin's Colony in case you were wondering which course). She didn't act hurt and Koby didn't even know that she was injured until he saw that she had two huge fleshy gashes on her chest. Since it was Saturday evening we had to take her to the ER for pets known as the A&M Vet School. They were nice enough, but it was a good 6 hour ordeal by the time we took her in and were able to pick her up. We ended up making it to Irene and Philip's just as they were about to light the candles on Rosie's cake. Actually, to be honest, they waited on us for about 10 minutes. Anyway, dogs are so tough. She has several other scratches on her body, but nothing else that required stitches. So now she had to wear one of my old sleep shirts to keep her from chewing. She's not very happy about this.

Sunday morning we all got up and went to church together. It was extra special because, in case you didn't know, Irene and Philip are getting ready to move to Delaware. This Sunday will be their last Sunday at A&M church. I was really proud of myself because not only did I think to grab the camera as we were running out to church...but I also got somebody (thanks Daniel!) to take our family picture!! So this was we were all dressed up!

Haha, notice how Koby and Philip are matching in their khaki pants and white polo shirts!
Silly boys.

This week has been pretty good and has been going by very quickly. Monday we finally got the crib in and Koby has started to slowly assemble it. Also, Koby was summoned for jury duty and spent the whole day at the court house. Luckily, he didn't get selected because the case was something along the lines of aggravated sexual assault of a child. Not a jury I'd like to be on.

Yesterday I got to hang out with some girls from church over dinner. I was really tired, but I had a wonderful time. I LOVE GIRL TIME! I guess I better get it while I can right?

What I'm ExCiTeD about...

My job had a baby shower for Koby and I today and it was REALLY awesome. I got to see some old friends and got lots of nice things for Olivia...and I got to eat some delicious cake. I'll post some pics tomorrow or the next day.

Tuesday, July 3


Wow! Thanks for the comments on the previous "advice" post. My mind is still spinning, but I feel like I have a little bit more direction. Since you guys were so responsive, I'll pick your brain about one more thing...type of diapers. Is there a particular brand that is best? I really don't want to buy/register for the expensive ones if the cheap(er) ones work just as well.
What's the scoop on the poop?

What I'm ExCiTeD about...
Last night after running some errands I was on my way home and just felt so beat. I then started complaining to myself about being tired, etc..but then *BAHM* it hit me.
There is a human life being created inside my body.
I know what you're thinking. You're 7 months pregnant and this is just now registering??? No, I'm not thaaaat slow (shut up Aaron!). I guess I just tend to overlook the sheer miracle that it truly is. So today I'm excited to be exhausted!!

Monday, July 2


Ickkkk...its Monday. A rainy one at that.

The weekend went by so fast its unbelievable but I had a great time. I got to hang out with my friend JJ on Saturday and then Sunday I got some rest and bought some baby stuff and a dress for myself at the mall. Koby's mom drove in town around dinner time yesterday and we went out for breakfast this morning. It was super yummy!

Anyway, we will be registering for baby stuff soon and I thought I would ask all you moms (and dads) for some advice. I know most things can be returned/exchanged if they don't work, but I want to try to register for the exact thing I need. I'm not too worried about the little stuff, but I could use some advice about things like:

  • strollers (I know for sure we want one that is tall-people friendly)
  • car seats (safe of course, but I will be dropping baby off, Koby will be picking baby up. Do they make them where you can buy two bases?)
  • monitors (want one that will last but not super fancy)
  • bassinets/pack-n-plays (absolutely clueless)
  • breast pumps (again, clueless)

Any advice would be appreciated!

What I'm ExCiTeD about...

I have an ultrasound tomorrow and I'm very eager to see what baby Olivia looks like now. Last time she moved around a whole bunch but I couldn't feel it because she was still so small. I have a feeling it will be very different this time around! :)