Wednesday, July 25

Update and some more advice please...

Irene hasn't had a chance to update her blog so I thought I'd let everybody know what was going on in Delaware (as far as I know).

Everybody made it back to their destinations in one piece. Irene, mom and the kids had a good flight without any major drama. Mom will be in Delaware until Saturday to help Irene and Philip get their new place set up. Yesterday Irene said that James asked her how many days they were going to be staying in the new place. Irene told him that it was their new home and that they would be there for quite a while...she then asked him why he was wondering. He responded with, "Well, I really like College Station." So, I guess reality hits us all at different times. Hopefully all three kids will adjust with as little confusion as possible.

Koby finally made it home close to midnight on Monday. He had delays both in Philadelphia and Atlanta and then had to drive back home from the airport in Houston. He was absolutely exhausted yesterday.

Now for the advice part...I had such a great response from everybody in the past so I thought I'd try my luck one more time!

I have questions/concerns/issues about the following things. If you have time I would really like to hear your take on them.

Pediatricians (for those in B/CS with Scott & White insurance)- I would like to know who you feel is best and/or if you've heard negative things about any particular doctor.

Crib Mattresses- I've seen them range anywhere between $50-200. Should I go with a happy medium or is there something special about the expensive ones that is important?

Gliders/Ottomans- I've heard lots of moms say that these are just about as essential as diapers and wipes...but they are really expensive. Do you recommend a particular brand/style that is both economical and a quality product? We don't even have a recliner or rocking chair so we will end up needing to buy something.

Nursing Bras- I will be returning to work and pumping so I'd like to have a couple bras that, how should I put it...give the new girls a nice shape under my work clothes. I know I've seen nursing bras at Motherhood, Let's Go Dreaming, Sears and JC Penny's but I'm not sure which are good quality.

I guess that's about it for now. Oh, in case you would like to know, I had my 32 week checkup yesterday and everything is looking normal and progressing nicely. No red flags of any kind! :)

What I'm ExCiTeD about...
Koby's co-workers have organized a shower for us at lunch today. He works with lots of guys and I think it's sweet that they cared enough to organize something. We'll have hamburgers, drinks and cake! Sounds great to me! :)


Jenny said...

Okay, here's my two cents...

Gliders/Rockers - Must have! And a good one - at least quiet and comfortable. I bought a "cheap" one (and it wasn't very cheap in my opinion - still over $150) and I ended up donating it to the Mother's Room at the church building. We didn't try it out first though... so, go try one out first.

Bras - Motherhood!

Hope that helps!

annalee said...

i love when you ask for advice, because i get to benefit from all the words of wisdom too! i took notes off your other advice comments and i am sure i will do the same from this one:)
i'm glad your checkup went well!

Perkins said...

pedi - I know Dr. Ransom is good at S&W.

Matt - we have a hand me down and it works fine. I doubt is was very expensive.

Glider - Dutailier is the best. We bought one before Chloe and we've used it a ton. It's pricey but it'll last us forever. In our opinion, it's worth the money.

NB - Motherhood has the best selection. Let's go Dreamin' has a great brand but they are like $50. Motherhood has some for $20ish and work great.

32 wks - you are almost there!!! WOW!!!

Meg Knight said...

Mattress- We have purchased two now (that only happens when you have your kids close enough together that you have 2 in cribs). One was purchased at Babies-r-us, the other was purchased at Target. I look for the highest inner spring count for the money. we spent around $100 on each of them.

Nursing Bras- Motherhood has a great selection with even better prices! You will be able to find some for day and for night. My best advice would be to find you a comfortable one for lounging/sleeping to take with you to the hospital and then make a trip to buy more after your milk comes in, so you can buy the accurate size.

P.S. Email me so that I can invite you to join our blog!

Charis said...

Glad your checkup went well-- just a few weeks to go!!
Here's my 2 cents:
Glider- we bought one on Craigslist that was barely used and only $70. But I rarely use it b/c we have a recliner that rocks and that's what I usually use.

Bras- I don't like Motherhood's bras b/c they don't provide enough support... but my cup size is too enormous right now :) You hopefully won't have that problem. For people who need less support, they would probably work great! If you are one of those people, then I am insanely jealous :)

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Bras - Motherhood. I believe this is the kind that I have... Some places say not to use underwire, but like you said... I want the girls to look nice. I have one without underwire to sleep in, but don't get the one I have b/c the straps come apart...

I'm sure any crib mattress is fine as long as it is covered in plastic.

I think a rocking/gliding recliner is way easier to nurse in than a rocking/gliding chair. It is nice that the arms on a recliner are lower and cushier so you have more room. My recliner even swivels so I can turn to not be seen. I have an old rocking chair in the nursery that I use for a bedtime story/prayer, but if Caroline needs major rocking, then I'm back to the recliner.

When we were in BCS I used Dr. Henderson with University Pediatrics and I was pleased with him. I also liked Dr. Schamms in that office (people say he can be too laid back for people that tend to be uptight).