Monday, November 23

Bye, Bye Piggy

Rosemary moved back to Delaware on Sunday after being in Texas since July.  We really enjoyed getting to spend time with her and I know Olivia will truly miss her prima being here to play with her.  At first it was a little bit tough on both of them.  Rosie was away from home and Livi wasn't used to sharing her toys, home or parents with another little girl.  But, after a few weeks they really learned to play and get along (mostly) and pretty much behave like normal siblings.
I'm not sure how or why Rosie started calling Livi "Piggy" but she did.  Even at the airport when we were saying our goodbyes..."bye Piggy!"  We will miss Rosie so very much and I know Livi will be asking for her soon.  I know she's just in Delaware, but it seems a world away.  Besos y abrasos Rosita!!!!

Friday, November 20


I was wasting some time while Olivia was napping and decided to read some of my older posts from before Olivia was born and it got me so FIRED UP to have this baby.  Sure, it was hard adjusting in the beginning and I was nervous about labor, but wow, my own descriptions of my emotions and thoughts really took me back. 
I should complain/whine less and smile will be over before I realize it.  Thank you Jesus for allowing my body the ability to carry babies!

Tuesday, November 17

The Cutest Little Girl I Know.

These are the Fall pictures from Sonshine School!

This one makes me laugh.  She had the exact same look on her face for her pictures last year.

Monday, November 16


I am now 31 weeks along but yet feel like I'm due any day.  However, I was looking through some pics of when I was pregnant with Olivia and realized that I've still got a ways to GROW.  I get rediculously huge when I'm pregnant.  Oh well, it's all worth it!

I haven't updated about my mom's cancer in quite a while...
She finished her first round of chemo a couple of weeks ago.  The first round was supposed to take about 2 took more like 3 1/2.  Her cell counts had a lot of trouble rebounding and that caused the treatments to be delayed.  For those that don't know or forgot, mom is a 1st grade teacher so she has had to stay home and has not been able to work. 
That all changed last week.  She began her second round of chemo last week.  This time she is going in once a week (on Thursdays) for 12 weeks.  Since her shots are on Thursdays she is going back to work on Mon-Thurs and then "recovering" Friday, Sat. and Sunday.  It's a grueling schedule and I'm worried about her being exposed to germy kids all day especially since her immune system is so compromised and even more so because of the terrible flu season approaching.  Her doctor and her principal have strongly advised her to wear her mask.  After she completes this cycle then they will evaluate if radiation is needed.  Please keep praying!
We will travel home for Thanksgiving and let mom rub my baby belly one last time since she won't be able to make it to College Station for the birth and we will not be going back to Abilene for Christmas.  Super bummed about that...

If you're still with me here's a sweet picture...

Where is the spell check button?  Has anybody that posted lately noticed thiers go missing?  Am I losing it?

Sunday, November 8

Some Halloween pictures...finally.

I'm just now getting around to updating and I wanted to share some Halloween picutres.  We went to two trunk or treat events, one at A&M Church of Christ and then the other at the church down the street in our neighborhood (which for some reason I can't remember what its called).  Either way, the girls had a blast at both and I'm really glad that somebody thought to start the trend that is "trunk or treat" makes things much safer and I think the kids can enjoy themselves better.
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