Monday, September 28

Rite of Passage

Last Thursday we went to have Olivia's ears pierced. Now, if you've ever been blessed with the opportunity to listen to Koby and I debate about this you'd know that I have been wanting to have this done for quite a while...Koby not so much.

I'm not sure if there was anything specific that changed Koby's mind or if it was as simple as me saying, "Hey, we're going to the mall on Thursday after you get home from work to get Livi's ears pierced." Either way, she did great and was only upset for just a little bit. She loves to look in the mirror and talk about how pretty her earrings are! Too cute!


right after... about a minute later.

Wednesday, September 23

Friday, September 18

Giddy Up!

Yesterday was "Western Day" at Sonshine School and being that we are city folk I didn't really have anything other than these cute hand-me-down boots (thanks Jenny and/or Angela) for Olivia to wear. I didn't want to go buy her something specific just for this day so this is what she ended up wearing. I think she ended up looking pretty stinking cute!

Wednesday, September 16

Happy Birthday Olivia Kate!!!

Two years ago we were blessed to become the parents of this precious baby girl!

As I was told it would, time has flown by and now she has turned into this beautiful and smart little girl.

Last weekend we drove to Abilene to celebrate with Meema and Grandaddy (Koby's parents) and Wito and Wita (my parents). We had a low-key weekend, partially by choice but mainly because it was raining all weekend and just spent some quality time visiting and catching up with each other. On Sunday evening, Koby's mom cooked up a yummy dinner (roast, potatoes, gravy, veggies, rolls...) and we had a birthday dinner complete with red velvet cake for Koby (his b-day is next week) and a Dora cake for Olivia. She was so shy when we sang Happy Birthday she wouldn't even look up!

Koby's mom works at ACU in the music department so we went up there and took some pictures in the recital hall and anywhere else we could get Livi to cooperate!

Happy Birthday Livi Kate! We love you more than you will ever know!

Thursday, September 10

Two days in a row...WHAT?

Okay, so I felt the love! Thanks for sticking with me!

Today was the first day of Sonshine School up at the church so we were up and ready to go a little earlier than usual today. Really, it's not that starts a 9am! Anyway, Olivia had a great time and only fussed for a couple of seconds when I dropped her off. She even gave her teacher a big hug when we were leaving to come home. She is becoming such a big girl. This is the best picture I could get of her this morning...

Tomorrow we are heading off to Abilene to visit our parents and to celebrate Olivia's 2nd b-day (and Koby's 33rd). It'll be pretty low key, but I know that Bueno, LaPopular, homemade red velvet cake and some R&R will be included!

Wednesday, September 9

Wordless Wednesday...kind of

If you still check in on this blog, please leave a comment. I'm just curious if there's anybody still "with me" on here.