Tuesday, January 13

First Day of School

We have enrolled Olivia in Sonshine School at our church this semester and today was her first day of school! The program is normally 2 days a week from 9am-1:30pm but for some reason they only had 1 day a week available. So, Livi will be going to "school" every Tuesday this spring. My job at the duplexes really picks up in the spring and I know that this time will soon be taken over with phone calls, rental verifications and showings but today was really a good day, relaxing, productive morning (sans strollers, snacks and sippy cups).

For those of you that don't know, I didn't always plan on being a stay at home mom so when I got pregnant I told my boss that I would be back 6-8 weeks after giving birth. As you can imagine my world was rocked when I met my baby girl and I started having some major second thoughts. We went ahead and found a day-care center for Olivia and I went back to work (2 1/2 months later) and sobbed every time I dropped her off until I finally quit my job and decided to be broke and stay at home.

Now fast-forward a little over a year later...I did not cry when I dropped Olivia off at school. In fact, it was Livi that brought on the water works and the, "How dare you leave me????" look as I walked away. She ended up doing just fine, of course, and I'm sure she will have fun again next week.

I tried, I really tried to get a cute first day of school picture but she wasn't having it so this is the best I could do.

And this one I just thought was too funny. Her cousin James makes almost the exact same face!

Thursday, January 8


Tonight I am going to Bunko so Koby just took Olivia to eat dinner and go to Home Depot. I am home alone and it feels weird. I am very rarely home by myself these days. There is no Dora the Explorer or Baby Einstein playing in the background or no need to tiptoe around the house. I can yell or scream if I want to, play loud music at the computer if I want to or eat dinner on the couch while watching a tv show (uninterrupted I might add) if that is what my heart desires. Hmmm...that last one sounds tempting. Gotta go, the couch is calling! :)

( This is the picture I was trying to add for Wordless Wednesday)

Wednesday, January 7

Wordless Wednesday

For the record, I've tried twice today to upload a picture. Obviously, it hasn't worked so maybe tomorrow I'll try again!