Thursday, January 8


Tonight I am going to Bunko so Koby just took Olivia to eat dinner and go to Home Depot. I am home alone and it feels weird. I am very rarely home by myself these days. There is no Dora the Explorer or Baby Einstein playing in the background or no need to tiptoe around the house. I can yell or scream if I want to, play loud music at the computer if I want to or eat dinner on the couch while watching a tv show (uninterrupted I might add) if that is what my heart desires. Hmmm...that last one sounds tempting. Gotta go, the couch is calling! :)

( This is the picture I was trying to add for Wordless Wednesday)


kristin fulghum said...

such a stinkin' cutie!

annalee said...

she is beautiful! enjoy your night.