Tuesday, August 28

Gig 'Em Aggies!!

Koby found out today that one of his hook-ups at his job was able to get us two tickets to the game this Saturday! We're not playing anybody "big", just Montana State, but it's the first game of the season so you know Kyle field is going to be rocking! I'm so glad that we're getting this chance to see a game...especially for free. How nice is that?! Too bad Olivia's not here yet so she can show off these little onesies that Angela made. :)

My last doctor's appointment was last Friday. He did an exam and said that I was 1 cm dilated and he predicted that I'd deliver early. Olivia is already in position and everything looked good.
I'd be perfectly happy if it happened today, to be honest. I'm ready to meet her and get the labor part out of the way, but selfishly, I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore.

It seems like lately people have been getting on my nerves with their comments. I mean, c'mon, pregnant ladies have feelings too. I'm sure this has been a gripe among expectant women for ages, but I can't tell you how annoying it is to hear the words, "Wow! You are really big!" Oh, and today, a professor that I work with told me that I looked like I should have had the baby yesterday and that I also looked like I hadn't slept in 3 weeks! Nice.

But all these annoyances are eased when I'm at home lounging around and randomly catch Koby staring at my belly or when he comes up and just lovingly rubs on it...its times like these that I feel like the most beautiful pregnant woman ever despite the 40+ pounds I've gained and my newly attached double chin!

Monday, August 20

Our Days are Numbered...

So I did the math today (applause please) and if Olivia arrives exactly when she is due then we only have 26 days left until we get to meet her in person! I can't believe that it is so close. Koby's been on me to pack my bag for the hospital, but of course, I haven't. I'm pretty sure I have all the things that I need...I'm just procrastinating.

I've got to say that I think I've had my fill of pregnancy. I really miss the second trimester. If you are reading this and just found out you are pregnant, trust me, the second trimester is HEAVENLY! I really shouldn't complain though. It's been fairly easy. It's just that lately it has been really hot outside and I'm starting to swell...big time. The only shoes I can wear are flip flops so I have a brown pair and a black pair that I wear with my work clothes! It's quite a sight!

Speaking of a sight, I've got some pictures of the bedding and some other cute stuff! The bedding came in last Thursday so I washed it and put it on crib over the weekend! It's just as pretty in person as it looked on the website. I love it! The picture on the left is a close up of the sheets. I just realized that I think I might have put the bumper pads on wrong...does the design part go facing the inside or the outside? Maybe I should switch it around. :)

I've also been meaning to post a picture of these cute onesies that our friend Angela made for Olivia. I think I might use the one on the bottom that says "Olivia" as her coming home outfit! I washed all the baby clothes this weekend and realized that I've got LOTS of cute, cute clothes, especially onesies. Good thing she'll probably need to be changed often!

Thursday, August 16

4 more weeks!

The official due date that we are going by is September 15th. So, yesterday marked the one month countdown! While I'm ready to meet and hold baby Olivia, I'm also nervous about the new territory that we will be exploring. I probably haven't read as much material as I should have and I haven't been training for the "marathon" of labor like I wanted to, but regardless of what I have or have not done, she will be here before I know it!

Last Saturday, Koby and I attended a prepared childbirth class. It was very informative and not as dreadful as I'd pictured it. I think part of that had to do with the teacher. She is a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital we will be at and had a wonderful personality. She has four kids (all boys) and had more energy than everybody in the class...combined! I hope she's on shift when we go in!

Sunday we took a day trip to Houston to shop for...you guessed it, BABY STUFF! We needed to buy all the "big stuff" and didn't want to order online and wait for shipping (recall the headaches of the crib from walmart.com). Anyway, we left with a long shopping list for Babies R Us and our Target gift cards in tow. We bought the stroller, car seat, extra base for car seat, crib mattress, pack and play, changing table pad, storage drawers for the closet and some other random things. Good thing we have a big truck otherwise we might have had to rent a U-haul to make it back home!

I feel much better that we got this out of the way. There are still a few things that I need to take care of, but nothing needs to be ordered and as far as we know, all major purchases have been made. Oh, I almost forgot...I ordered the crib bedding on Monday and according to the Fed Ex shipment tracking it's on the truck to be delivered TODAY!! I am so excited about this bedding. I've had it on my wish list since April when we found out we were having a girl! It's the cutest ever.

What I'm ExCiTeD about...
Today is my Friday! Koby and I decided to take the day off tomorrow to sleep in and run errands. And I have a doctors appointment this afternoon. I feel Olivia move around alot but I still like to hear her little heartbeat!

Thursday, August 9

New slideshow and update

Okay, so I've really been slacking on the blog lately which I have no excuse for. There has been so much going on that I could probably post at least a couple times a day and still not fit everything in, well...that might be a slight exaggeration.

In an attempt to catch up on the almost two weeks that I've been MIA I made another slide show of just a few pictures.
I think I mentioned that Koby's co-workers gave us a baby shower a couple of weeks ago. It was really nice and pretty relaxing as far as showers go. We sat around, ate burgers and cake and just had a good time.
For our anniversary Koby had Angela bake a cake and he also gave me a gift certificate to the Boardwalk Spa. The cake was really good and the gift certificate was heavenly. Caren and I went together and got manicures and hour-long massages. I was so incredibly relaxed for the rest of the day. If you are pregnant (or even if you are not) I highly recommend getting a message!
We've had a lot of company lately...my mom stayed with us for about a week after she got back from Delaware...my dad and Jason and Caren came in Friday night and Glenda (Koby's mom) and Stephanie (Koby's sister) came in on Sunday. They all came for the baby shower at the church on Sunday night. It was a lot of fun and baby Olivia got quite a few gifts. It was a huge blessing!
Last night we went to a breastfeeding class taught by St. Joseph's hospital. Even though I've been around breastfeeding on and off for the last 8 years of my life (thanks Irene!!) it was still really helpful to hear all about it. I'm not as intimidated as I was before and I'm looking forward to a pleasant experience. We go to our childbirth class ALL DAY on Saturday. We'll be there from 8:45am-5:30pm. There goes my only day to sleep in, but hopefully it will be worth the time. After this weekend we don't have any plans except to stay home, rest and prepare for Olivia's arrival. The nursery is not even close to being ready so I've got some work to do. I also need to get the baby book started and make sure I have all the things for the hospital bag. Yikes!! I can't believe I'm already close to that point.

Enjoy the slide show!

What I'm ExCiTeD about...
Every day that goes by means that I'm one day closer to meeting Olivia, AND one day closer to cooler weather!!