Tuesday, August 28

Gig 'Em Aggies!!

Koby found out today that one of his hook-ups at his job was able to get us two tickets to the game this Saturday! We're not playing anybody "big", just Montana State, but it's the first game of the season so you know Kyle field is going to be rocking! I'm so glad that we're getting this chance to see a game...especially for free. How nice is that?! Too bad Olivia's not here yet so she can show off these little onesies that Angela made. :)

My last doctor's appointment was last Friday. He did an exam and said that I was 1 cm dilated and he predicted that I'd deliver early. Olivia is already in position and everything looked good.
I'd be perfectly happy if it happened today, to be honest. I'm ready to meet her and get the labor part out of the way, but selfishly, I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore.

It seems like lately people have been getting on my nerves with their comments. I mean, c'mon, pregnant ladies have feelings too. I'm sure this has been a gripe among expectant women for ages, but I can't tell you how annoying it is to hear the words, "Wow! You are really big!" Oh, and today, a professor that I work with told me that I looked like I should have had the baby yesterday and that I also looked like I hadn't slept in 3 weeks! Nice.

But all these annoyances are eased when I'm at home lounging around and randomly catch Koby staring at my belly or when he comes up and just lovingly rubs on it...its times like these that I feel like the most beautiful pregnant woman ever despite the 40+ pounds I've gained and my newly attached double chin!


Amanda said...

Those onesies are soo cute!! Have fun at the game this weekend!
And you ARE beautiful pregnant!!! :) I can't wait to meet little Olivia!!!!
love ya!!

Robinson Family said...

You look fantastic...Jason even said at your shower, "I can't believe she's so close to her due date...she's not big at all". So there! I LOVE the picture of you by the crib--so precious! Definitely a keeper for the baby book!

mindy said...

i don't know if you remember me...i am a friend of irene's from Wesley & saw your blog on Margaret Welch's. Anyway, I'm 7 months pregnant with a little boy & LOVE reading your updates.
But today's really caught my eye because I can't tell you how many times a week I hear "you are huge! are you having twins?" or "you have a big baby!" What a way to make me feel worried & insecure! Why people feel they can say whatever comes to mind to a pregnant lady is beyond me!! Don't they know our emotions are heightened right now!? I think you look beautiful & I'm excited for your little girl to come into the world. Olivia is a pretty name, by the way!!
feel free to send a note on our babysite: www.babysites.com/sites/babystandlee (login/password: babystandlee, standlee)

annalee said...

you look beautiful! good thing you know deep down that even through all the obnoxious comments your body is doing the most amazing thing ever (and looking good doing it:))
ps- does your friend angela take orders? those onesies are adorable! i couldnt order aggie ones but i would definitely order some others!

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

You keep hydrated at that game!! And take a seat cushion!!

Tiffany said...

You are brave to be going to the HOT football game 9 months pregnant...I'm sure I'll be lazy in my air conditioning this weekend! I'm so excited that Olivia is almost here...I'm not dilated at all, so it looks like you'll be first!

Sharen Leigh said...

what a sweet picture, irma! as always, you look beautiful and perfect. hey, just for the record, don't let *people* (professors included..hahahaha!) bust your bubble for a second. you look great, and at the end of this pregnancy thing, you will have a beautiful little olivia. every second of your pregnancy and labor will be toooootally worth it, i promise!

and...i hope y'all have a wonderful time at the game on saturday. enjoy your time together making some of your last "family of 2" memories and i hope you're not too uncomfortable to have fun. i'm sitting in my truck waiting to go to the first SHSU game of the season tonight...and have been drinking my water all day to prepare for the 91 degree heat. hope saturday's not too much of a scorcher....and take pics!!!

Olivia said...

hey Irma, it's Olivia-(not your baby-the other one you know) hahah. Anyways, I hope you have fun at the game, although I honestly feel you should take me with you instead of Koby...kidding! Those onesies are soo adorable! I need to meet this Angela person..hahah I can't believe baby Olivia is going to be Class of '30...that sure does make me feel old.. :( So who is this professor? What a jerk! And you look awesome! Okay well call me soon so we can catch up some more :)

Aaron said...

Class of '30?? And I thought the damn Class of '11 kids made me feel old...