Thursday, September 10

Two days in a row...WHAT?

Okay, so I felt the love! Thanks for sticking with me!

Today was the first day of Sonshine School up at the church so we were up and ready to go a little earlier than usual today. Really, it's not that starts a 9am! Anyway, Olivia had a great time and only fussed for a couple of seconds when I dropped her off. She even gave her teacher a big hug when we were leaving to come home. She is becoming such a big girl. This is the best picture I could get of her this morning...

Tomorrow we are heading off to Abilene to visit our parents and to celebrate Olivia's 2nd b-day (and Koby's 33rd). It'll be pretty low key, but I know that Bueno, LaPopular, homemade red velvet cake and some R&R will be included!

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