Monday, September 28

Rite of Passage

Last Thursday we went to have Olivia's ears pierced. Now, if you've ever been blessed with the opportunity to listen to Koby and I debate about this you'd know that I have been wanting to have this done for quite a while...Koby not so much.

I'm not sure if there was anything specific that changed Koby's mind or if it was as simple as me saying, "Hey, we're going to the mall on Thursday after you get home from work to get Livi's ears pierced." Either way, she did great and was only upset for just a little bit. She loves to look in the mirror and talk about how pretty her earrings are! Too cute!


right after... about a minute later.

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Amanda said...

She looks precious! I was soo excited when I got my ears pierced. Of course, I was 10! LOL (my mom made me wait forever!)