Friday, November 20


I was wasting some time while Olivia was napping and decided to read some of my older posts from before Olivia was born and it got me so FIRED UP to have this baby.  Sure, it was hard adjusting in the beginning and I was nervous about labor, but wow, my own descriptions of my emotions and thoughts really took me back. 
I should complain/whine less and smile will be over before I realize it.  Thank you Jesus for allowing my body the ability to carry babies!


Jenny said...

Isn't it awesome? You're going to be sitting there in just a short few months... and you're going to look at Koby and say "remember when there was just three of us?" We just had one of those moments. Wild... but wonderful. I am SO excited for you guys. Life will change, and it will be a little harder, and a little more stressful....... but all the more wonderful... and joyful.

The Robinsons said...

We're super-excited for you guys, too! And I'm with Jen, it's crazy when it hits you after the baby comes that..."Oh wow. We're a family of FOUR now." Crazy. God is so good!

Amanda said...

I love this post!! It's a great way to look at things and soo, so true. And look what cuties you and Koby make together!! :) Can't wait!!