Sunday, July 29

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

Today we celebrated 7 years of marriage!! The years have literally flown by and we have had such wonderful blessings come our way, especially within the past year. This might be a little bit cheesy but I decided to list 7 things that I love about Koby.

1. I love how Koby can fix just about anything. It doesn't matter if its his Jeep, the toilet, outdoor sensor lights or my curling iron. He doesn't shy away from anything and will always devote at least a couple of hours before even entertaining the thought that outside help might be needed!

2. He is just as much as an animal lover as I am. Plus, he's taught me to appreciate bugs and insects and I think it's super cute that he'll spend 10 minutes trying to "catch and rescue" a spider instead of killing it!

3. He'll watch "What Not to Wear" on TLC with me!

4. He is respectful towards my parents and family. This is something that I didn't realize was so important until I actually saw it happening. Anybody that is married and has in-laws knows that every family operates differently and just because you marry into that family doesn't mean you will agree with or easily adjust to their ways.
To put is simply, he loves my family, my family loves him and that makes me very happy.

5. He is a VERY hard worker and a VERY dependable person.

6. He doesn't hesitate to do things like laundry, dishes, cooking or cleaning. And the best part is that he really does a good job!

7. Last, but definitely not least...he is tall, dark and handsome! How could I resist?!


mad4books said...

You two are about the most adorable couple in Texas. (I'm ridiculously happy that YOU are ridiculously happy.)

Blessings always!

Robinson Family said...

Congratulations on 7 blissful years! I loved your list...I hope you'll share it with Koby!

Tiffany said...

Congratulations on 7 years! I hope you have fun the slide show!

cathie orozco said...

the rocker, we got one for alison at the Harbor Freight Tools store, $32.00 and it is all wood, really nice, it is very wide and so it works great when nursing. it comes in a box and koby can put it together. wonderful!!

i'm encouraged by your list. love is in the air. Praise God.

Amanda said...

Y'all are so cute! Happy Anniversary and Congrats on 7 years! Just think...on your 8th Anniversary you'll have a bouncing baby girl:)

irene said...

Congratulations! Sorry I've not been posting lately. I loved the pics!!

mad4books said...

Hey, Irma,

Did I ever tell you that Justin & Alison go to my church (Hope Church of Christ)? Or that their little girl is SO cute? (I think her mom comments here...)

We won't have this sweet little family for much longer, I fear...we will miss them like crazy when they leave!

Chelsea said...

Wow, he gets more handsome with each year! Congrats on your 7th anniversary!

Sharen Leigh said...

CONGRATULATIONS, KOBY & IRMA!!!! So happy that y'all are celebrating your 7th year of marriage. You are blessed and have much to thank God for. Your list is so sweet...and the slideslow was even better. By the way, the latest picture of you is just so cute!!!

Charis said...

Congrats on 7 years!! Isn't life a grand adventure when your best friend is by your side? :)