Wednesday, June 20

Hurry up and wait!

One of the first things I did after we found out that I was pregnant was start shopping around for a crib. Some people made fun of me for already diving into that task, but I was so excited to find the perfect one and get it ordered. After web-shopping for about 2 or 3 weeks I finally found the one that I wanted and also found the cheapest way to buy it. offers a service called Site-to-Store shipping where you get your product delivered to the Wal-mart of your choice and then, you guessed it, pick it up yourself when it arrives. This is an awesome option (especially when ordering over sized items) because the shipping is absolutely free. So off I went. I ordered the crib (pictured below) and the matching dresser/changing table combo. Everything went as expected. I waited about 2 weeks and received an e-mail informing me that the dresser/changing table combo was in. YES!!! I was excited, but decided to wait until the crib came in that way Koby and I could just make one trip and pick up both items. Well, a couple of days later I got another e-mail from Wal-mart...only this one was bad news. The crib had been damaged in transit and got sent back to the distributor. What? Damaged? I was bummed, but not for long.

I thought, hey, this is an easy fix. I'll just wait for them to reimburse my account and then re-order the crib. Plus, I changed my mind about the finish on the crib. I originally ordered white, but decided that I wanted the cognac color instead. I took the opportunity to return the dresser/changing table combo and then started again from scratch.

At the beginning of June I placed a brand new order. Crib and dresser/changing table combo, both in cognac. YES!! My excitement once again returned. Again, I waited for an e-mail. Again, I get an e-mail. Again, the dresser/changing table is here! I decide to wait for the crib to come in for the same reason I waited last time. But then...wait for it...AGAIN, THE CRIB IS DAMAGED IN TRANSIT! C'mon, what's the problem? How can the same exact thing happen twice?

So this morning I called and explained to them my dilemma. They were apologetic and seemed to care about the situation. Of course that might have something to do with the fact that I told a little white lie and said that I was due in 6 weeks and really needed this crib ASAP. Either way they agreed to ship the crib again, only this time it is coming directly to the house instead of the store, plus they are going to waive the shipping fee. The waiting game begins again.

Anyway, this is what I'm frustrated about today. It's small in the big scheme of things, but one of my flaws is that I tend to be impatient so something like this really gets under my skin.

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irene said...

Boooooooooooo! Boooooooooooooo! on Wal-mart! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!