Thursday, November 8

Well, time flies when you're having fun! I absolutely can't believe that Olivia is almost 8 weeks old. It really seems like just the other day that we all came home from the hospital. By the way, I'm confused about something...maybe somebody can clarify. When would Olivia (or babies in general) officially turn 2 months old? Is it at her 8 week mark or two months from her birth date? Anyway, we are all doing great. Olivia generally sleeps and eats like a champ but she REALLY likes to have all the attention on her when she's awake, which is okay but cumbersome.

We recently finalized childcare arrangements for Olivia since I'll be heading back to work in about 4 weeks (tears pouring). We had originally gone daycare "shopping" back in the spring because everybody told us that places had waiting lists that could be several months long. Anyway, we made arrangements with a place and those arrangements ended up falling through. They switched directors sometime this summer and blah, blah, blah. So we were out the $50 deposit and left with 2 months to find childcare. We finally found somewhere this week and it turns out that another little boy that we know from church who is 3 weeks older than Olivia will be starting there too. I'm still not thrilled about the idea of her staying anywhere other than with me (or one of our family members, but none of them will drop everything they are doing, quit their jobs and move to College Station!!!) but I'm sure she will be just fine.

Well, she just woke up and is ready to eat...until next time!


Irene said...

As I said to you the other day, when Philip's at work I'm at home and when I'm at work Philip's at home. Round the clock child care, here. Maybe Olivia could come for an extended visit? OR there are lots of nice townhomes for sale in our know it's a buyer's market they say. :D

Irma, she's just beautiful.

Robinson Family said...

She is just precious, and I still can't get over all that gorgeous hair!

I'm glad you have childcare squared away---I know it's been heavy on your mind, and I know it will be hard for you to leave her when the time comes.

I'm thankful that you've at least had this time to spend alone with her, getting to know your sweet, new baby girl.

Kristin Levrets said...

she is so stinkin' cute!!

texhickmans said...

Olivia is so beautiful! I can't believe how much her little face has already changed. What a sweet picture! :o)

MommyLuv said...

She is so cute! I can't wait to hold her!!!