Wednesday, July 21

Six Months of GABE

Time has really flown by with this "little" guy. He is 6 months old today and is such a great baby. Sure, I get frustrated at times but all in all he is a good baby. He is not sleeping consistently at night or during the day but somehow God gives us all the strength to keep going!
I have no idea what his stats are, but he is a little over 20lbs, can sit up without a spot, has no teeth, LOVES to nurse, has the sweetest laugh, LOVES his big sister, doesn't crawl but has mastered the smear-face-on-the-ground-while-pushing-with-his-feet maneuver, does what looks like push-ups and last but not least makes our little family complete!!

Birth- January 21, 2010

Approx 1 month

Approx 2 months

Approx. 3 months
Approx 4 months
Approx. 5 months
6 months


Amanda said...

He is such a doll! Soo cute! Who woulda thought you'd get another one as cute as Livi?!?
I'm getting really excited to meet that baby boy (and see you) soon!

Barb said...

I love the month-by-month pics! Can't believe he's already 6 mos. old.

mad4books said...

Aww! I can't decide which I like better in the 6-month photo...Gabe's cute expression--or how GREAT your mom looks! Please tell her that Bethany and I said hello.

P.S. This old English teacher is going to complain about the apostrophe in "Weatherfords" if it's still there when Gabe gets photos taken next month! LOL!