Sunday, July 25

A date with my Girl

I decided to take Olivia to watch Toy Story 3 today while Koby stayed home with Gabe.  She is obsessed with TS2 so I just knew she would have a blast watching the new one, plus she's never been to the theater before so that would be fun too.  We get there, and I ask for two tickets...its over $13.00 just for the two of us. What?  I was confused.  Turns out they are only showing the movie in 3D so they charge more.  I pay the money anyway and get handed two pairs of HUGE 3D glasses.  Really?  How is my tiny girl supposed to wear and keep these on throughout the whole movie?  I decide to give it a shot since we are already there and Olivia is pulling me towards the concessions.  Long story short, we ended up leaving about 10 minutes later with our full drinks and popcorn in hand.  Luckily, I got a refund on our tickets but I had a disappointed little girl.  I really can't believe they don't have child size glasses if they are going to force you to watch a movie in 3D.
So, we had some time on our hands and Livi said she wanted to go to Target.  We enjoyed some girl time together, finished our movie popcorn and drinks and rolled out of the store with this!  Not a bad trip if you ask me!  It was really nice to spend time just the two of us.  That has not happened in a while...about 6 months to be exact! :)
we were "practicing" inside...

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The Robinsons said...

Such a cute photo! So sorry to hear about the bad movie experience, but at least you made some lemonade with the lemons you were handed!