Friday, May 21


Whew!  Life has been crazy around here.  Today Gabriel is 4 months old so we went in for his well-check.  No shots for this little one but we got the doctors seal of approval anyway.  Even though they are not the same gender (it might be like comparing apples to oranges) I wanted to post stat comparisons from when Livi was this age.
Olivia- 4 months
26" long
15lbs 4oz

Gabriel- 4 months
26 1/2" long
17lb 11oz

He is 95th percentile on both height and weight!  I love that he is so big and strong and feel extremely blessed to have two healthy little ones.  Hopefully I won't jinx myself by sharing this but lately he has been sleeping about 7-ish hours at night and then most mornings he'll go back to sleep when I feed him.  He hasn't developed a regular or predictable day schedule yet which kind of stinks, but if I'm getting semi-decent rest at night then I shouldn't complain.
Olivia has been doing really good lately too.  It took her a couple of months to swallow reality after Gabe was born and then it hit her like a ton of bricks.  She really lashed out and started throwing the worst fits and just was generally difficult.  None of her tantrums were directed at Gabe and I never felt that she was angry with him, she just had to get it out of her system I guess.  As of April, she is officially potty trained.  She had only been wearing diapers at night for quite a while and then she started waking up dry for about 2 weeks so I quit buying them!  She has only had a couple of small accidents.  I'm loving having just Gabe in diapers.
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