Wednesday, March 24

This and That

Yikes!  March has flown by and I didn't blog as often as I thought I would...

Today Olivia woke up and wanted me to carry her to the living room.  I already had the tv on and Handy Manny was on.  While I was walking she hugged my neck real tight and said, "Aw, you're the best!".  It was the sweetest thing!

Gabe is growing so quickly.  I guesstimated his weight at 15lbs.  He is two months old and has no problems that I can think of.  Thank you Jesus!  He doesn't sleep through the night at all but has settled into a nice afternoon nap routine lately which is super nice b/c I get quiet, alone time for a little while.  It helps me get through the day without going bonkers.

Speaking of weight, I'm having trouble getting motivated to really tackle the baby weight.  I've been walking here and there but nothing consistent.  I've leveled out at about 150lbs (yes, I just posted my weight on the blog) and that is not anywhere close to where I want to be.  I don't feel healthy or strong.  I don't feel sick, but I just don't feel "right".  Like I said, I'm just having problems with motivation.  I printed out a couch to 5K program that looks like something that I could manage but I haven't started it.  I keep trying to look for the perfect time to go but it never presents itself.  Imagine that!  There's always laundry and chores to be done, a child (or two) to be taken care of, duplex work to do, exhaustion bearing down on me, or the weather is unfavorable.  A friend of mine has blogged every monday about her post-baby weight loss plan and has shared how many pounds she lost (or gained) until she recently reached her goal. I'm thinking about doing that but I don't know if I can get over myself enough to be that honest!  I think it takes alot of guts to be that open and allow people to hold you accountable.  Maybe that's what I need, accountability.

This has been a random post so I'll wrap up with some pictures!

I love her smile in this one!


Barb said...

Love the pics! I know what you mean about getting motivated/having time to get that baby weight off (And I'm 4+ mos. out!). I still have about 5 lbs to go. Anyway, it rarely works out that both kids are good to go for a walk at the same time. :) I will say that it has gotten much easier and sometimes I don't have time to eat. Guess that works out-ha! :)

mad4books said... ARE the best. Don't worry about the weight; now that the nice weather has *finally* arrived, it will come off faster!

And that third picture is pure GOLD. Gabe looks like a fifty-something, balding executive having a great laugh at the office!!