Tuesday, March 18

Home, sweet home

Olivia and I are back from our spring break travels and now I'm trying to play catch up with all my work stuff and just a few household things. We had such a great time visiting with Irene, Philip, James, John and Rosemary (and Fara too!). Olivia did so incredibly good on the airplane and I couldn't be happier with her cooperation.
But, now that we are home it is a different story. I guess she got used to being in my arms (or Irene's, or Philip's, or Fara's, or my dad's, or being entertained by the kids...) that now that we are home she is extremely fussy and annoyingly clingy. As in it feels like I came home with a different baby altogether. I'm hoping that as the week continues on that she will feel more at home and return to being the sweet, content baby that she is.
I will post trip details and pictures later...

We miss you Campbells!!!!!!!


erin said...

Oh, the grandparent detox. No fun. Glad y'all had a great time and she did well on the airplane.

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Maybe she's getting a tooth.

I remember the first few teeth and I'd look back after they finally broke through and go... oh, now I know why last week was so hard.

mad4books said...

Glad you're home safely (did you get sick of the cold Yankee weather?) and SO GLAD THAT YOUR DAD'S OKAY!!!