Thursday, January 17


The winds of change have been blowing at the Weatherford house and the breeze feels good! I'm pretty sure we are over our first bout of baby sickness. Olivia is doing much better and when I took her in for her follow-up appointment everything looked good. To counter the imbalances caused by all the antibiotics she was on we started giving her some probiotics. This seems to be calming her stomach and letting her get a good nights rest. I hope I don't jinx us by sharing this but she is sleeping so much better now. It is wonderful!

Olivia has started becoming much more vocal. She'll squeal in delight and I've also found what seems to be a major tickle spot under her arm. There are few things as beautiful as the sound of her sweet laugh! She is also getting so strong. She's holding herself up when she is on her tummy and can pretty much roll over to her side without help.

Koby has been really busy at work lately. He's also been working an ongoing tree job on Saturday mornings to help pad the ever dwindling bank account. He is such a hard worker and good provider. I love the smile he gets when he comes home and holds Olivia. Of course, she is already daddy's little girl and bashfully smiles back at him!

An opportunity for a part time job has come up that I'm really excited about. One of the other young mothers that I go to church with has been working as a property manager for a small block of duplexes for a couple of years while she stays home with her baby. (is that a run on sentence?) Her husband recently lost his job so they are moving to Amarillo at the end of the month and she will be vacating the position. I spoke with her about it and it seems like a really good deal. The pay is good and the schedule is very flexible and laid back. Anyway, I will interview at the end of next week and know more sometime after that. Wish me luck and say lots of prayers between now and then.

Olivia Kate- 4 months old


Aaron said...

Too cute, Irma. TOO cute!

Amanda said...

She is precious! And prayers will be sent for your interview! Hope to see you soon, I miss you!!

Irene said...

:D / :(
I miss her!! She is so pretty!

MommyLuv said...

She is growing way too fast! She is such a cutie pie!!!

Mary Beth said...

Beautiful girl! Good luck with the job.

texhickmans said...

Irma, good luck on your interview! I pray that you get the job if it's the right thing for y'all.

As always, Olivia is beautiful!