Tuesday, January 25

Our little man is growing up!

Gabriel's 1st birthday was last Friday, January 21st!  He is an amazing baby boy and it is crazy that a year has already gone by.  We started our celebration with a quick trip to Abilene to celebrate with both sets of grandparents.  Unfortunately, Gabe had a little stomach bug and wound up being sick so it wasn't all that much fun for him.

The next weekend I made a cake and we had another little celebration on his real birthday.  He was feeling much better and really got the hang of what to do with all that cake!  For the record, that is the messiest my little boy has gotten while eating.  I just don't do messy eating babies!

In case you were curious, I took him to his well visit this morning and he weighed in at 23lbs 9oz and measured 29 1/4" long.  Personally, I don't think the nurse stretched him out right cause he was squirming around...he may be just a bit longer! ;)

Gabe is such a charmer.  He has the sweetest eyes, the most voluptuous lips (I love them), chubby little thighs and he is the BEST hugger/snuggler ever.  He has always given the strongest, tightest hugs.  It melts my heart! Just so I don't forget I'm going to note some things he is up to:
- cruises around and has taken a few steps at a time
- loves the remote control
- will usually try most foods and like them
- nurses 3 times a day
- sleeps for about 10-ish hours a night and takes a nap at some point during the day (poor second-borns don't get the luxury of a set daytime schedule!)
- has 7 teeth
- babbles alot but has only said da-da and momma a few times...not sure if he really "knows" them. 
- wears mostly 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers
- has a little pillow in his crib that he adores
- drinks whole milk from his sippy cup everyday

Here's to another year of our sweet Gabriel Lee! 

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