Tuesday, March 24

Some new pics

I'm starting to feel really guilty for not blogging more often. I know people catch up with us on here and so I should do a better job at keeping up with it...
We have been up to lots of things over the past several weeks since I've blogged.

We've been playing in the bed of the truck.

On February 26th we made a "card" and had a photo shoot for Tia's b-day.
We've been helping daddy with his projects in the yard.

We've been practicing our leprechaun pose.

We've been snuggling.

And we've been GROWING like a weed!!!

Olivia is now 18 months old and is making us proud on a daily basis. We might be just a bit biased but we think she's stinking cute and smart too. She recognizes mostly all of the letters of the alphabet and several numbers. Sometimes she'll even read me the letters and numbers of our license plates. She is talking up a storm and has starting using the potty almost every night before bed. It's really funny, actually. We sit her on the seat and immediately she starts yelling, "PUSH! PUSH!" and then as soon as she's finished she says, "wipes, wipes."

She knows tons of words and I won't list them all but she has also started to string more words together. We just love watching her grow and are amazed at how quickly she learns things and how independent she has become. She most definitely has her moments but she really is such a good girl!

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