Saturday, May 3

Where did April go?

Part of my job as property manager is processing rent payments at the beginning of the month. I've gotten quicker at it, but it is still a tedious task that I don't always look forward to. I think the most annoying thing is waiting for all the tenants to finally decide to pay their rent. It forces me to stay extra organized to make sure I don't forget anything. Anyway, as I was processing rent earlier today it really hit me that it was already May. It feels like April just started the other day! Time goes by way to fast these days.

We've been busy as usual around here. I'm working really hard at getting all my units leased for August, Koby is still trying to finish up the huge tree planting project on campus and Olivia is busy crawling all over the house! She is saying little words (babbling would be a better description) and is still eating really well. Today she had prunes for the first time and seemed to like them just fine. I took her to the doctor earlier this week...I jumped the gun because it was just a cold. But, they weighed her and she's 20lbs! She is growing so quickly.

We took a trip to Dallas a couple of weeks ago and visited my new little niece Ashlyn. She is so sweet and tiny! I'd post a picture but I just realized that I didn't even take one! We also saw our friends the Team's and my best friend from high school JJ. It was a busy weekend, but I'm glad we made it up there. We always have lots of fun in the big D!

Emma and Olivia

Kenley was such a sweet cousin. She calls her "Olivia Kate!" Me and JJ
On the way to Dallas we stopped off and took some wildflower pictures. We were looking for bluebonnets, but I guess we waited too long because all we found were these little yellow flowers (which I don't know the name of). They were really tall so it was kind of hard to get a good picture but these were among my favorites.

Our next trip is coming up soon. We will be heading to Abilene for Mother's Day weekend. It will be my first MDay! I was pregnant last year and everybody said I was included, but I didn't agree. So now I can truly celebrate the blessing of having a sweet, loving, beautiful baby girl!

Speaking of mothers...Happy Anniversary momma (and dad)! Today is my parents 33rd anniversary! What an accomplishment!


Irene said...

PUUULEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! For the love of beautiful nieces and awesome aunts all over the universe, EMAIL ME SOME PICTURES!!! Or put 'em on a CD AND SNAIL MAIL! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me! PLEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! (Also I want that one of mom & dad, too! thanks)

texhickmans said...

hey, irma, i was just checking back to see if you had time to post anything new....and i read where you had written that olivia was 20 lbs. i realize that this post was written almost a month ago (if i looked at the date correctly), but just for grins and giggles, i thought i'd tell you that ryder was 20 lbs today at his 4 month checkup!!! hahaha!