Tuesday, September 11


So I leave work today at about noon and I walk outside to find...
That it is a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l day! As I type this the temperature is 77 degrees with only 82% humidity. This is such a welcome change...it just makes everything nicer.

There's still no news on the baby front. I have another appointment (the last one) tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I've made some progress from last time. Here's a picture that Koby took of me on Sunday. I wear this shirt all the time because I'm running out of shirts that are long (and big) enough to cover my belly. As you can see it just sticks strait out. This, in addition to having a long torso makes finding maternity shirts hard at this stage. Oh well, hopefully I won't have to worry about that for much longer!

There are just a few minor details that need done in the nursery, but for the most part it is finished.


annalee said...

you look awesome! i love your beautiful baby belly. you are getting so close and i can't wait to see a picture of olivia's arrival!

Robinson Family said...

You look so cute! Great picture.

I remember my last pregnancy, the last 2 weeks or so I think I alternated between the same 2-3 shirts...I SO know what you mean!

And ditto on the surprisingly wonderful weather...I hope it lasts!

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow, and be sure to fill us in!

Irene said...

awww! come on girl!! we are all waiting. (that was for olivia) funny songs. you should save them to the ipod (or whatever) so you can laugh and not have to push. :D

Amanda said...

Oh, the nursery is looking GREAT! So, so cute! Now you just need a little baby girl to put in it! Hope she decides to make her way into the world soon!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I see Koby got the two shelves and the mirror painted and hung. You guys are really ready. The nursery looks great!
No pressure from Abilene, just waiting on the call.

Meg Knight said...

I TOTALLY identify with the "long torso" issue! I did learn by my second pregnancy that I could find cuter shirts that were plenty long enough in the non-maternity section. You look great! I also identify with the "sticking straight out front" thing as well. Though my behind seems to be keeping things evened out. :) Can't wait to hear of baby Olivia's arrival! Take care and good luck!

mad4books said...

The room looks great, and so do you!

So happy for you,